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You can visit many interesting places of Malta

Coffee Bars Malta

There are plenty of coffee bars in Malta everywhere. All the visitors can enjoy nice coffee in Sliema opposite of Ferry boats . Giorgio and Cuba are on the corners of main road and close with these there are also more cafe restaurants.

Also from the sea side from Sliema to San Julian exist so many places for coffee or food like compass, Il Kabana and much more! About the Paceville is the most famous place for all the young people but not only for them. You can find plenty of restaurants(all the international kitchen), bars, cafe for all the ages.

Valleta also is so romantic place to walk and to have a special view from all these nice architecture of buildings. Birgu, the 3 cities also is the perfect place for coffee or food. You can enjoy and to look the birgu marina with all these fantastic yacht .

Buggiba is also one extra place to enjoy the night life and also the day life! There are so many coffee restaurants near the center of town and also close with Aquarium there is one of the best clubs in Malta, Cafe Del Mar. In Aura also don’t forget to visit the Ocean Basket one excellent restaurant for see food with amazing view and service.

Gianpula is one place with complex of many clubs very close with Mdina and is the ideal place for clubbing. You can find all the kind of music scene with so nice DJs and events.

Coffee bars Malta

Coffee Bars Malta