Anchor Bay

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The Anchor Bay has green-blue clear water that is surrounded by rocky slopes and is mostly popular for Popeye Village. Popeye Village film (Village of the 1979 film, starring Robin Williams as Popeye) set is today a theme park and a tourist attraction often used as an activity centre attracting families with young children. Anchor Bay is quite secluded and during the summer months Popeye Village has a lido with sun-beds and umbrellas for rent as well as a trampoline and water park in the sea for easier access.

Anchor Bay beach is in fact a popular dive site due to beautiful caves and passageways accessible from a slope leading down to the bay and the inlets extensive marine life.  Anchor Bay is also popular with local fishermen looking for a quiet spot to fish.

Food stands, umbrella rentals, restroom and watersport rentals are all avaliable during summer from Popeye Village.

Bus station: Popeye

Bus number: 237

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