Ladybug coffee Msida (freddo cappuccino Malta)

Triq Ix-Xatt n.9 Tal-Pietà, Malta
Phone 1
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The Ladybug cafe in Msida is a lovely place to enjoy good Italian coffee. The shop is some meters before bus station Kullegg , close with pharmacy Browns, opposite from Msida marina. You can find a plenty of different Italian plates for breakfast and lunch. Also you can taste many different kinds of sweets. The decor of the shop is very friendly with nice furniture, tables and chairs with balcony outside and this attract you to stay there and to enjoy your coffee. The location is very central and you can move to all directions in Malta. Also the service is perfect and the staff is very friendly and kind with all the customers. One more advantage from this shop is that can make another kind of coffee except cappuccino or espresso and is freddo cappuccino maltaExcept freddo cappuccino the shop can make also freddo espresso. These two kinds of coffee need time to make but at the end you can enjoy one unique coffee. But Ladybug cafe except this exclusivity can serve you with many other kinds of Italian food and sweets. You can taste for example parma ham wrap with only fresh ingredients, mozzarella, tomato, salad, olive, oil, pepper or Minicake with pistachio, cassata, lemon or home made cakes redberry with blueberries cheese cake grapes cakes strawberry jam crumble , croissant and many more. The main priority for us is the best service, best quality with the good prices and the most important Italian taste.

freddo cappuccino malta

freddo cappuccino malta freddo cappuccino malta

freddo cappuccino malta

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