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When trying to play a DVD using Windows Media Player with CinePlayer plugin, Windows Media Player crashes with an unspecified error, or explains that a DVD decoder is not installed. You can view or edit the files using any of the regular File Explorer features or whatever apps you use. It is similar to Sparse disk image but being a bundle you can see its contents by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Show package contents’. Below is the way to use VLC to play Blu-ray movies. To open Game Recorder, press `Windows Key+G—and if asked, check the VLC player download Yes, this is a game button (after all, Game Recorder can record almost any app, not only games). These not only add extra features to the player – they also enable integration with other programs and streaming services.

You could take full screen screenshots with Win+PrintScreen (they’re automatically saved to PicturesScreenshots aspng), then open each one with Paint, crop the thing you want and save with Ctrl+S. This program is great for those who need screenshots on a regular basis. Once you’ve done that, you can use the Snipping tool to annotate the screenshot if needed and save it to your PC. Find the folder containing your media files and press open. 2. If the disc does not start playing automatically, click Quick Access Panel button on the Windows Media Player menu and select the drive that contains the DVD.

If the movie is a newer Blu-ray title and other Blu-ray movies play, then the Blu-Ray compatible software might need to be updated. You can also convert Blu-ray movies to MP4 or other widely-used formats. If you would prefer to purchase the Windows Media Player plugin, please see this article from Microsoft for more information on how to do so. Step 7. Once the image is burnt in your disk, open the disk from "My computer" and click on the DMG file to view what it contains. The DMG file type is primarily associated with Macintosh OS X by Apple Inc.

Now you have an ISO, you can mount it within a VM and attempt to load a MAC OS virtual machine. Press the Windows key to access the Start screen, right-click anywhere on the Start screen, and select All Apps. On the other hand, you can also play video CDs (VCDs) which are similar to DVDs despite having a low quality video as compared to DVD. If you cannot find VLC for theswf files while doing it from the File Type” method, try the third method where you right click on a file and open it with VLC while making it the default one for that file type while accessing it in the future.

Snipping tool is an in-built tool present on the Windows 10 PC which is really very help to cover the limited part of the screen as a picture or we can say a screenshot. If the DMG file containing the application that we want to install, shows us an error message, stating that the file may be corrupt, we must activate the possibility of activating third-party applications by entering the following line in Terminal. Finally, hit the "Convert" button to start to rip 1080p Blu-ray movies to VLC readable videos. However, since it is an Apple file, you can’t open DMG files for free on Windows computers.

However, some of its users still have no idea of how to take a screenshot (some others may call it screen capture or snapshot, etc). The same happens if you press the Windows + Print Screen keys on your computer or laptop – the screen fades off for a moment and the created screenshot is saved in the default image folder. Blu-ray movies are regularly getting famous today among movies lovers and the main reason lies in its superb viewing experience. Depending upon what application you choose for a Windows PC, the process for running the program and opening DMG files will vary.

Winkey + PrtScrn is much, much faster than doing all that as it just takes a screenshot and saves it directly to a file – no need to open anything and paste clipboard. Apple computers are not impervious to data loss and file corruption, and DMG files are no exception. You will automatically see the videos from that folder on the home screen of the Video app. I neither use vlc as a player that is launched from mm nor do I use blu-ray folder structure for my titles, when I rip blu-rays I rip them to blu-ray folder structure and then to mkv’s, so I had a few movies I could test this on but I can only comment in the manual launch of the movies with vlc.

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